The Wildest Ziplines in the Smokies!

Wahoo Zipline Tour Information

Each tour consists of riding our 6 very unique ziplines. Participants wear gloves, helmet, and a harness with a carbineer that is attached to a pulley that will be placed on a cable strung between platforms. You push off the platform and zip along the cable going from hilltop to hilltop. You will be anywhere from 40-250 feet off the ground and, literally, flying between the trees at a height where birds and other wildlife hang out on the branches.

First, the experience will include some ‘how to’ information plus a safety briefing. You will see how we put on the harness, latch into the cable. After you learn the basics and watch a demonstration, you will get your chance to participate in a once in a lifetime adventure.

Come Prepared

– Wear comfortable tennis shoes or hiking boots.

– If you have long hair, put it in a low ponytail.

– Most importantly, come ready to have a great time!

Reserve A Tour — Call 865-366-1111

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